Day 1: One for Business and One for Pleasure

Day 1: One for Business and One for Pleasure

Leading on from my previous post, the first couple of books from my reading list have arrived! One being a beautiful Lewis Carroll Clothbound Classic – I’m in love!

While I know you should never ‘judge a book my it’s cover’, the collection’s illustrator Coralie Bickford-Smith has got me exactly where she wants me; appreciating the aesthetic beauty of the cover as much as the contents itself.

Now, I have to admit, ‘Alice’s Adventures in wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass’ wasn’t on my reading list, however, it was a must buy. I rather ashamedly haven’t ever read the book. (eek.) I’ve watched the Disney adaptation as well as Tim Burton’s film, but never read the original, un-cut text.

I know, as an English student, I really should have, and as the sister of a huge Jabberwocky fan, I really, really should have, but I’m getting round to it now and hopefully it’ll serve as a fresh change from my university reading list in those darker hours during term (especially with the ink sketches).

I also cannot wait to get stuck into Maria Edgeworth’s ‘Ennui’. The introductory text to my Irish Literature Module this term should be a fun one!

“Against the background of the Irish Rebellion of 1798,

the lazy and gullible English earl, Lord Glenthorn, learns a shocking secret.”

    Lazy and gullible. Well, reading about my somewhat embarressing English heritage will surely make me shiver as I sit in a room full of opinionated Northern Irish students, good job I’ve got some strong Scottish and Irish blood in me.


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