Twist and Shout – Barn on the Farm, Lewis Watson, Gabrielle Aplin, Hudson Taylor and Orla Gartland

Wow. Just wow.

You lovely people may not know much about me but this, this is my music taste all blended into one. And, I’m very sad that I didn’t know all these beautiful people were playing in one place last year. Very sad.


It’s been a while…


Okay, so, it’s been 18 days since my last post and 13 days since I started back at university. Not exactly coincidental but I’m going to let refreshers week and my ‘mad’ student life take the blame for my lack of blogging and forgive myself.

    Since my last post the 30+ books on my university reading list has arrived! I might add that I didn’t find it too much fun trying to walk from Belfast city centre, during a mighty gust of wind and mother nature’s haphazard attempt to snow/rain(?) (I’m not quite sure which) with 30+ books! And in a rather week Waterstones bag too!

     But anyway, I got home eventually and in the process realised I should probably join the gym, sooner rather than later! On opening my order, I must admit that a good book cover and illustrator can easily sway my preference on book editions and my university reading list doesn’t escape that either. I’ve had quite a few comments from fellow students, friends and even some of my lecturers and tutors on my book editions, (clearly got a bit of book envy going on in the room!)

     But anyway, I couldn’t help but instagram a few of my favourites, and I thought I’d share a few of them with you lovely people too!



Comments please.

It’s harbouring inside me, it’s festering in my heart.
A constant muffled squealing,
tears my temper apart.
Snapping. Spewing. Spitting.
Shrieking to a start!

Caged within my bones,
it whispers monotonous drones.

With contaminated blood,
to thud.

Stimulating and secreting,
my body tries to fight.
Yet the silenced mutters and murmurs
smother the adrenaline’s bite.

Suppressed in sudden suffering,
the pain begins to burst
outbreak of sudden seizures :
it yanks,
it jerks,
it jolts.


Day 1: One for Business and One for Pleasure

Day 1: One for Business and One for Pleasure

Leading on from my previous post, the first couple of books from my reading list have arrived! One being a beautiful Lewis Carroll Clothbound Classic – I’m in love!

While I know you should never ‘judge a book my it’s cover’, the collection’s illustrator Coralie Bickford-Smith has got me exactly where she wants me; appreciating the aesthetic beauty of the cover as much as the contents itself.

Now, I have to admit, ‘Alice’s Adventures in wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass’ wasn’t on my reading list, however, it was a must buy. I rather ashamedly haven’t ever read the book. (eek.) I’ve watched the Disney adaptation as well as Tim Burton’s film, but never read the original, un-cut text.

I know, as an English student, I really should have, and as the sister of a huge Jabberwocky fan, I really, really should have, but I’m getting round to it now and hopefully it’ll serve as a fresh change from my university reading list in those darker hours during term (especially with the ink sketches).

I also cannot wait to get stuck into Maria Edgeworth’s ‘Ennui’. The introductory text to my Irish Literature Module this term should be a fun one!

“Against the background of the Irish Rebellion of 1798,

the lazy and gullible English earl, Lord Glenthorn, learns a shocking secret.”

    Lazy and gullible. Well, reading about my somewhat embarressing English heritage will surely make me shiver as I sit in a room full of opinionated Northern Irish students, good job I’ve got some strong Scottish and Irish blood in me.

Day 1: Reading List or Book Porn


     Just to annoy you hardworking adults out there, I thought I’d let you know that at the moment while you’re all experiencing the typical ‘January blues’ us fortunate students are awaking from hibernation. We’ve all returned home from our frostbitten student houses, Christmas has been and gone, exam season is almost over, and I luckily experienced that dreadful event right at the start of exam term! So, for the last month I’ve been making the most of home, God I’m gonna miss it!

I’ve got two weeks left of freedom from university, the luxury of good quality toilet roll (it’s the small things) warmth and I’ve been scoffing down on as much red meat as I can get my hands on! But now, It’s prep time!

I’ve decided that I probably could be a really good student if I actually possessed the willpower to commit and see something through to it’s end. Talk to me in the upcoming weeks before a significant event, and I will be the most prepared person out their in the world, but come the moment that event arrives and begins, I’ve lost all drive and given up (but at least everyone still thinks I’m organised ey?)

  •     The significant event – start of term
  •     The organisation – buy reading material, read two weeks worth of work ahead of date
  •     The confidence boost – tell all my friends on the same degree, so I seem prepared

Go, Go, Go!

I’ve probably not mentioned yet, but I’m studying English Literature and Creative Writing (maybe I felt I’d be judged a little bit more on admitting that) but this means, I have free reign to shun every single other students moans and groans about their reading material. I may have the absolute minimum amount of contact hours within the university, but that is because every other single moment of free time has been secretly allocated and assumed that I’ll be reading every book in human existence!

After five hours of searching, comparing and ordering thirty books from almost thirty different online books shops I’m done! £130 in total, urgh, it’s a good job I love reading ey?

What I’ve failed to tell you, and is the actual core reason for writing this particular post, (but I’ve obviously got slightly sidetracked during doing so…) is a particular set of hardback books that I completely forgot about.

   Penguin Clothbound Classics. I can remember, when I was a lot younger and only just discovering my love for reading and developing my own particular book porn fetish, I found these. They are absolutely beautiful, hardback copies of some of the best known and loved classic novels and texts our world has to offer! And even if you’re not too keen on reading, who wouldn’t be the proud owner of a copy like this? It’s enough to turn a person.

Normally £14.99 directly from Penguin (and sometimes cheekily under £10 on amazon) I couldn’t stop myself when I came across a few of my reading list titles in this collection, I had to have them! I almost paid the exact same price of the book in postage costs just so I could hold them in my arms the next day – but that would cost me in my luggage allowance, and my expanding wardrobe since I’ve been home (oh, I’ve probably not mentioned that I go to university in Northern Ireland, but live in England, my air miles are ridiculous, oops!)

Anyway, I couldn’t help but get a little bit excited and raise my total reading list cost from a healthy and reasonable £100 budget to £130, just to get my little podgey bookworm fingers around two copies of this collection.

I’m a happy girl. And I’m hoping, if my university is clever enough, to assign lots more of these classics so I’ll buy the texts and also bloody read them! At least I know, for the moment Clothbound Classics will cure my willpower to see something through, those two copies will definitely get read!